Residential Pest Control

Protecting your family home

Here at Strategic Pest Solutions we offer Residential Pest Control Solutions that cater to all issues. Strategic Pest Solutions is a leading provider of pest and termite control services. We aim to be the nation’s best pest control service company. We will accomplish this goal by delivering the finest quality services and value to our customers, while being environmentally responsible.

We know pests, their habits and their biology. Our expertise enables us to develop the most effective treatment programs, use the most cutting-edge technology to combat pest problems, have the best training in the industry, and offer the best guarantees in the industry.

We service a range of pests, like Termites, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Brown Ants, Black Ants, Bird Lice, Major Bird Problems, Possums, Rats, Spiders and Fleas.

Protecting your family home

Our services also include, timber pest inspections and reporting. Controlling these pests requires striking a balance between protecting the health and safety of your family and controlling the pest problem. Add to this the need to be environmentally aware and responsible then it’s no wonder that it’s a job for experts.

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Are the chemicals being used for my treatment safe for my family & pets?

All chemicals used by Strategic Pest Solutions are HACCP Certified & safe to be used while you are in the home or in a commercial premises, however some treatments do require you to vacate the premises for a short period of time (usually 2 hours). This is for sometimes for interior treatments. All dog food and water bowls are removed while external spraying is completed and replaced after residential treatments.

Does the rain affect my treatment?

Chemicals are specially designed to withstand the elements. Treatments such as Termite Barrier Treatments are not effected by rain. In some circumstances where heavy flooding or rain has occurred your treatment will need to be rescheduled once the surface has dried or flooding has subsided. If you do experience heavy flooding or rain after your treatment please call our office and advise SPS and we can help.

What do I need to do to prepare for my treatment?

In most cases you don’t have to do anything at all before our technicians arrive however if you are having a termite barrier treatment or annual termite treatment and you have excessive amounts of plants or items stored along the walls of the home it is requested that they be moved 1 metre from the wall so that the operators can gain access for drilling and injecting. If we are completing a German cockroach treatment it is recommended to remove all goods from cupboards to treat all areas.

How long will my treatment last?

The length of time between treatments for pests depends on a number of factors, the severity of the problem, elements surrounding the home (e.g. Bushland, Lakes, Fruit & Vegetable Gardens etc.) frequency of treatment & treatment selection. In some cases clients prefer to stick to regular treatments so that the problem does not re-occur at all, you may like to wait until the problem re-surfaces and have treatments when you find necessary.

I have had an exterior ant treatment and I am now finding ants inside the house why is this happening?

It is common for ants to search for water after coming into contact with chemical; therefore it is not unusual for the pests to emerge within the home, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. This problem should only ever last up to 2 weeks, if you are still experiencing issues after this time frame call and speak to someone in the office and we will be more than happy to help and if you have selected a service with a warranty an operator will be sent back to re-treat the area.